Ubisoft BattleTag, Vest & Gun Fix.

Ubisoft BattleTag, Vest & Gun Fix.

A few years ago Ubisoft created a laser tag game (Battletag), it included guns, vest, base stations and extras. It had everything you needed to play your own cool laser tag games at home without going out and paying a furtune. The system allowed up wo 16 players with a variety of game modes, and for the price it’s performace and quality was simmilliar to far more expensive commercial options.

The software was based on Lua, and was quickly modded by the player community, and the hardware / software is still used a lot today (if you can find it).

The hardware price on these units went through the roof when Ubusoft decided to quickly drop the line not long after release. It is still used by a lot of outdoor party event groups, some who run brithday events and the like for children.

One of the flaws with the hardware was particually flimsy connections between the vests and guns, resulting in vests becoming detached. To get around this problem I developed 3D printed parts that could be used with standard RJ12 connectors and a coined phone cable.

A link to my parts on thingyverse are avaliable here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2821974

It contains the details and parts to allow you to modify your vest and guns for use with a common RJ12 connector.